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Upcoming Events

Find here the latest updates about upcoming events around biochar – both arranged by the network, but also by external organizers.

June 23rd, 09:30 -16:30 CEST – Roskilde University, Roskilde, Denmark

Pyrolysis&Biochar onwards 2022+ : Recent developments and near-future perspectives on Danish, Nordic and EU level

Roskilde University, together with the Nordic Biochar Network, the Food and Bio Cluster Denmark, Energy Cluster Denmark and CLEAN cluster organizes a one-day seminar about pyrolysis and biochar. The program will include talks and presentations about ongoing R&D activities, developing markets, and recent results. Moreover, a handful of pyrolysis technology companies will exhibit their concepts in the breaks and final session together with the involved innovation clusters. Find the full program here.

The webinar is free but registration is required, and the number of seats is limited!

October 11th & 12th, 2022 – Malmö, Sweden

1st Swedish Conference on Sewage Sludge Biochar

Testbed Ellinge  announces the 1st Swedish Conference on Sewage Sludge Biochar. More than one third of the Swedish sewage sludge is spread on farmland, but a ban could be just a decade away. Sewage sludge pyrolysis with farmland application of sludge biochar is an exciting alternative, giving opportunities for e.g. phosphorus looping, volume minimisation, local energy neutral sludge destruction, removal of cadmium and organic micropollutants, and carbon sequestration.

The conference will touch upon several aspects regarding sewage sludge pyrolysis and sludge biochar characterisation and applications. The first day will be filled with exciting talks about the research in the field. Furthermore, technology providers will have their opportunity to present their set-ups and findings. The second day will have a focus on workshops for discussing e.g. the road of implementation of sludge pyrolysis technology and markets for sludge biochars.

Make your city greener

On November 16th and 17th , we arranged a workshop on biochar in urban areas. This two-day event was targeted at cities and communities, but also open to everyone else.

We learned about:

  • What biochar is and why you should use it
  • Where and how to use it in urban areas
  • How to buy biochar and what to pay attention to
  • How to get started making your own biochar
  • Cities who are already using biochar
  • Creating carbon sinks in your city
  • The climate impact of biochar
  • How carbon trading works

Check out the program HERE.

If you missed it, you can find the recordings of the presentations HERE

The Biochar Blog

We have have started our biochar blog, where we want to share, discuss and report – anything connected with biochar.

Check out the latest ongoing projects!


New biochar market analysis released in Danish-Swedish Interreg-funded project GreaterBio

The first publication from the Danish-Swedish interreg-funded project GreaterBio has now been released. It is a market analysis of the biochar market that has been conducted by 2050 Consulting and NSR. The analysis has a focus on the near-future development of the Nordic region biochar market with a focus on Sweden and Denmark, but include many perspectives about the expected development that will be relevant in general.

The analysis include current situation mapping, expectations for near-future developments and recommendations for biochar stakeholders – producers, users etc. about where to focus their short-, middle- and long-term efforts in this regard.

There are many active members of the Nordic Biochar Network among the authors of the analysis, and a Nordic Biochar Network webinar about the biochar market analysis is expected to take place later in the autumn 2021.

The analysis is written in Swedish and includes a Danish as well as a Swedish summary. You can download the market analysis in pdf-format from 2050’s website for free.

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