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Upcoming Events

Find here the latest updates about upcoming events around biochar – both arranged by the network, but also by external organizers.

14th May 2024, 9:00 – 10:15 CEST – online

Biochar EU policies and regulations

Sustainable Business Hub

Let yourself be guided through an overview of EU policies related to biochar and get insights in policy processes that are taking place currently. This webinar will also touch upon what we can expect for the coming years as biochar producers and users. Invited speakers for this webinar is Donata Chiari, Policy officer from the European Biochar Industry Consortium and Sebastian Manhart, Senior policy advisor from the Carbonfuture. The webinar will also touch upon what we can expect for the coming years as biochar producers and users.

24th May 2024, 9:00-10:00 CEST – online

CIP Fonden Biochar project: How to establish a merket for biochar as a carbon removal method for agricolture?

NBN webinar series

The not-for-profit CIP Foundation has examined the potential for biochar as a carbon removal solution for Danish agriculture and whether the market is ready for this. Helle Osmer Clausen, program director at CIP foundation, will present about the project and findings on drivers and market impediments for biochar in Denmark. The project covers market perspectives from the availability of relevant feedstock to potential climate effects, scaling of technology, potential payment for CDR, business models and investment decisions as well as the evolving regulatory framework and societal effects from using biochar.

The main report from the CIP Foundation’s work on biochar is available in English, and the explainer video is also available with English subtitles at this link.

As usual, participation is free but registration is required!

18th June 2024, 9:30-18:00 CEST – Helsingborg

Nationell biokolskonferens (in swedish)

RecoPark, Helsingborg, Välavägen 198, 254 68 Helsingborg, Sverige

Varmt välkommen till den första nationella biokolskonferensen där vi fortsätter dialogen kring biokolets stora potential. Vi kommer även att bilda den nationella föreningen för biokol och bioenergi av pyrolys under dagen.


Third Edition of “Biochar for Environmental Management” is out!

As the previous editions, the book is edited by Johannes Lehmann and Stephen Joseph and contains updated knowldege around biochar production, properties and applications, with contributions from NBN board member Cecilia Sundberg. Not to be missed!


Link to publisher website




Make your city greener

On November 16th and 17th , 2021 we arranged a workshop on biochar in urban areas. This two-day event was targeted at cities and communities, but also open to everyone else.

We learned about:

  • What biochar is and why you should use it
  • Where and how to use it in urban areas
  • How to buy biochar and what to pay attention to
  • How to get started making your own biochar
  • Cities who are already using biochar
  • Creating carbon sinks in your city
  • The climate impact of biochar
  • How carbon trading works

Check out the program HERE.

If you missed it, you can find the recordings of the presentations HERE

The Biochar Blog

We have have started our biochar blog, where we want to share, discuss and report – anything connected with biochar.

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