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Biochar for Green Cities

November 16-17, 2021 (online)


This two-day workshop was all about using biochar in an urban environment, specifically for urban trees.

We covered the entire urban value chain for biochar, including the (almost famous) biochar history of the City of Stockholm, the benefits of biochar, how to buy it, produce it, and use it, and much more.

The workshop was targeted at cities and communities, but contains many relevant information for everyone interested in biochar. On this site, you can re-watch the presentations from the workhop.

We thank our presenters for their valuable contribution to this event.

Urban applications of biochar from a life cycle perspective

Elias Azzi

The benefits of biochar for urban trees

Anu Riikonen

How to apply biochar to urban trees. Guidance to practical methods

Björn Embrén

Biochar basics. Feedstocks, production, properties and certification

Nikolas Hagemann and Hans-Peter Schmidt

Biochar production in a municipal context and dynamics in the biochar industry

Hansjörg Lerchenmüller

Climate effects: the significance of biochar for carbon sequestration

Contanze Werner

Carbon sink certification of biochar

Marcel Eichler