Funded primo 2020, the Grass Biochar projects aims to integrate thermal pyrolysis and biochar production in a grass protein biorefinery concept. Part of the current fiber-byproduct from the refinery is unfit for fodder and will be treated in a combined system of steam drying and slow pyrolysis. The excess heat from this treatment will be used in the production of grass based protein and the produced char will be mixed into the fodder-qualified part of the fibers as a low cost toxin-binder. The project involves demonstration scale integration of the biorefinery, substantial R&D efforts and quantitative sustainability assessment.

Project Profile

Name: Grass Biochar

Partners in the project are all from Denmark and include Aarhus University – Department of Animal Science & Department of Engineering, the Technical University of Denmark – Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Roskilde University – Department of People and Technology, AquaGreen ApS & Nordphos ApS

Duration:  January 2020 – December 2022

Total Budget: ca. 1 100 000 EUR

Funding Framework: Danish Agricultural Agency, GUDP program

Contact: Tobias Pape Thomsen, Roskile University